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Hedge Trimming in Qualicum Beach! 

 Here in Qualicum Beach, hedges grow beautifully and offer plenty of privacy! Whether you’re designing a new yard for your house or you’re looking to refresh your current look, hedges are a beautiful accent that will surely raise the aesthetic and property value of your home. But it can also be challenging to maintain and care for them. After only a couple of years neglect,  hedges become an eyesore and require serious hedge trimming! Hedges can develop disease that spread if infected limbs aren’t removed, and the inside of the hedge can die if not enough light reaches the core. Hedges can brown or yellow, or could lose shape and become uneven. Some hedges can get so overgrown that it will take multiple trimmings and years to bring them back to shape. The only way to maintain the aesthetic and health of your hedges is routine hedge trimming. 

So in order to protect your investment on a new hedge, or to keep your hedge happy and healthy, you’ll want to get into a routine of having your hedge trimmed once or twice a year. Whether you do it yourself or have a Jim’s Mowing professional here in Qualicum Beach save you the time, don’t let your hedge maintenance get ahead of you. 

When to Hedge Trim in Qualicum Beach? 

Non-flowering hedges like Laurel and Cedar Hedges should be trimmed more frequently, but should only be trimmed as needed depending on their growth. If you live in Qualicum Beach with lots of rain where hedges grow quickly, you’ll want to trim them more frequently to keep their shape. Typically, this averages out to a hedge trimming at least twice a year, especially in Qualicum Beach.  Once Cedar edges have lost shape, they sometimes  expertise and a lot of patience will be needed to get them back.  

For flowering hedges in Qualicum Beach, you’ll want to get the hedge trimming done less frequently. It will depend on when they bloom. If your hedges bloom in the spring, wait until after they’ve fully bloomed. Why would you want to cut it before it flowers anyway? If your hedges bloom in the summer, then you can do the hedge trimming in the fall after they bloom or in the spring as the growing season commences – just make sure it’s not right before they bloom.  

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How to Hedge Trim? 

In Qualicum Beach, most contractors use gas powered hedge trimmers with adjustable arms in order to be able to reach those tough to get spaces and get the job done quickly. Accidents can happen, even with smaller hedge trimmers, so if you decide to do this yourself you should keep a first aid kit nearby, collapse or sheath the blades every time you put the hedge trimmer down, and make sure there’s help close by in the unlikely event that something more severe goes wrong.  

Once you’ve selected the type of hedge trimmer you will use, it’s time to start trimming your hedges. For easy cleanup, set a tarp underneath your hedge so that the trimmings fall directly onto it. You can then transfer the green waste from the tarp to your compost bin which should save you some time raking it up.  

You’ll want to start from the bottom and slowly move your hedge trimmer to the top, getting slightly thinner as you go. Let the machine do the work – the motion of the hedge trimmer doesn’t cut the hedge, the blades do.  

Make sure you don’t go too deep on the first pass because you might do irreparable damage. Methodically cut back several inches at a time until you reach your desired depth. Take frequent breaks to step back and observe your work. It can be easy to get carried away and keep cutting, only to step back and see that you’ve now cut one side much deeper than the other.  

After each pass, you’ll either want to use your hand or a rake to lightly brush off any lingering debris. This will not only give you a better idea of what you have missed with the hedge trimmer, but it will make sure you don’t forget dead branches in your hedge that will lead to dead spots later. You’d be surprised at the damage that forgotten foliage can cause. 

Topping your hedges can be difficult depending on its size. Smaller box hedges can be done with small hedge trimmers since they typically aren’t that tall, but bigger laurel hedges and cedar hedges like those in Qualicum Beach can grow into privacy screen plants if you let them. An adjustable hedge trimmer can help if the height isn’t out of control, but for hedges taller than 6’-8’, we would recommend calling a professional. You can hold your hedge trimmer at the desired angle at the top and move back and forth until you get the desired shape. Some hedges, like cedar hedges, are more vulnerable to being shocked, so you’ll want to be careful to not be too aggressive with your cuts.  

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Light Distribution! 

The reason you always want to make the top thinner is for the distribution of light. Here in Qualicum Beach, the rain clouds often reduce the amount of light our hedges receive. Having the top of your hedge trimmed slightly thinner allows for light to reach more areas of your hedge, causing it to grow stronger. Even if you’re looking for a straighter edge, you’ll still want a slight gradient inwards towards the top.  

Other techniques for improving the distribution of light include hand pruning. Use a hand pruning tool to systematically cut spaces for light throughout your hedge. Without doing this, the buds become too thick on the outside and block light from reaching the inside, and this will lead to the inside looking brown, decayed and dead, a common problem in Qualicum Beach. Sometimes in the worst cases of neglect, more extreme measures will need to be taken, like removing up to a third of the thickest stems at the base of your hedge, but we would not recommend doing this yourself.  

  • Jim's Mowing hedge trimming services
  • Jim's Mowing hedge trimming services

With some practice and a bit of know-how, hedge trimming is a relaxing chore to do, but you need the right equipment, some safety measures, and a lot of time and energy. Regular hedge trimming is necessary in maintaining the health and shape of your hedges. Not only does this increase your property value, it also gives you the satisfaction of returning home to a beautiful yard with a nicely maintained hedge.  

 We here at Jim’s Mowing in Qualicum Beach know that a modern schedule can be too busy even for some of the simple chores. We are always looking to help you achieve a beautiful lawn and garden, and we also come with top of the line equipment and expertise. Call your local Jim’s franchisee and we’ll be more than happy to give you any advice or tips, or we’ll come right out to your home and give you a free quote on hedge trimming services, or any of your other lawn care, gardening, or landscaping needs. 

“Patrick and his team are great! Response times are very quick, pricing is reasonable and they are efficient and tidy. Very pleased with their service.”

“Jim’s shows up on a regular basis throughout the lawn-growing season. They are always prompt, quick, efficient and friendly. All for a reasonable price too. My nephew said he’ll cut my lawn for free. I said No thanks! I use Jim’s Mowing because they’re the best!”

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