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So what is different about a Jim’s “Mow Reg” Lawn Mowing service? 

When you think about having your lawn cut, you probably imagine a person pushing a mower. However, there’s much more to delivering a professional cut then just mowing the lawn. At Jim’s Mowing in British Columbia, we will line trim all of your lawns edges for a sharp look, deliver a quality mow with beautifully laid stripes, and blow-through all hard surfaces on your property to clear debris, including patios, driveways, decks, and even your decorative rocks across the yard. 

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Want to take your lawn’s aesthetic to the next step? Ask your Jim about adding the edging tool to your service to really get perfect, sharp edges. Tired of seeing weeds sprout up through the cracks in your driveway? Your Jim can keep that maintained too! With Jim’s Mowing British Columbia, we are professionals who want to work with you to help you create a beautiful, healthy, and happy dream lawn!