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Light Distribution! 

The reason you always want to make the top thinner is for the distribution of light. Here in British Columbia, the rain clouds often reduce the amount of light our hedges receive. Having the top of your hedge trimmed slightly thinner allows for light to reach more areas of your hedge, causing it to grow stronger. Even if you’re looking for a straighter edge, you’ll still want a slight gradient inwards towards the top.  

Other techniques for improving the distribution of light include hand pruning. Use a hand pruning tool to systematically cut spaces for light throughout your hedge. Without doing this, the buds become too thick on the outside and block light from reaching the inside, and this will lead to the inside looking brown, decayed and dead, a common problem in British Columbia. Sometimes in the worst cases of neglect, more extreme measures will need to be taken, like removing up to a third of the thickest stems at the base of your hedge, but we would not recommend doing this yourself.  

  • Jim's Mowing hedge trimming services
  • Jim's Mowing hedge trimming services

With some practice and a bit of know-how, hedge trimming is a relaxing chore to do, but you need the right equipment, some safety measures, and a lot of time and energy. Regular hedge trimming is necessary in maintaining the health and shape of your hedges. Not only does this increase your property value, it also gives you the satisfaction of returning home to a beautiful yard with a nicely maintained hedge.  

 We here at Jim’s Mowing in British Columbia know that a modern schedule can be too busy even for some of the simple chores. We are always looking to help you achieve a beautiful lawn and garden, and we also come with top of the line equipment and expertise. Call your local Jim’s franchisee and we’ll be more than happy to give you any advice or tips, or we’ll come right out to your home and give you a free quote on hedge trimming services, or any of your other lawn care, gardening, or landscaping needs.