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River Rock/Mulch 

Installing river rock or mulch into your garden beds or pathways is a nice way to freshen the aesthetic of your home, but it puts the hard in hardscaping. We can do the tough work and build you a river rock side path with large pavers as the pathway or line your garden or fence with a river rock border or install beautiful bark mulch across your gardens. There are many ways that river rock and bark mulch can not only help make your home and garden look amazing but help the health of your yard improve too. Contact your local Jim here in British Columbia to talk about how we can help you design and install river rock or mulch in a beautiful and functional way. 

Landscaping and Plant/Tree Installation 

We have an overwhelming amount of experience helping British Columbia install their desired plants, trees, shrubs or hedges. From installing cedar and laurel hedges, to rhododendrons and sarcococca, photinia and forsythia and more. We know the region and we have recommendations for what we think will accent your garden perfectly.  

Landscaping and Irrigation 

With so much experience within our brand, Jim’s Mowing has a franchisee for everything. Here in British Columbia, if you’re looking for some new irrigation to help provide your garden with the water it needs, then give us a call. We have franchisees across British Columbia with the skills to design and install the right irrigation for your personal garden and lawn. We even have franchisees who specialize in small rock ponds and waterfalls. Ask us about any landscaping design, installation, or hardscaping needs!  

Landscaping and Lights 

Patio lights, or accent lights that highlight your garden beds, plants, shrubs and trees, help make your yard pop at night. We have franchisees with experience installing lights in your garden so you can spotlight your favourite aspects of your garden. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of some beautiful British Columbia wildlife sneaking through your yard with your new lights. 

And more! 

When it comes to landscape design and hardscaping, the limit is your creativity. There are so many ways to improve your home garden and yard, whether it’s for functional purposes, like constructing a greenhouse, or purely aesthetic. With more than 63 franchisees across British Columbia, we have the collective knowledge to help inspire and design your dream home and garden. So don’t hesitate to call your local Jim in British Columbia to get a free quote on landscaping design and hardscaping.