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Leaf Cleanup: the most tedious of fall cleanup needs

Perhaps the most tedious of fall cleanup needs, a leaf cleanup is also your most important, especially in British Columbia where the trees are numerous. Keeping your pathways clear, and even making sure the street gutters aren’t clogged is a common courtesy, but in particularly tree covered areas, it could be months of leaf fall. Our Jim’s team can come for weekly cleanups to help cut down the costs and also ensure your pathways are safe for passersby. You can also talk to your franchisee about customizing your services if you prefer to keep the paths clear and save a big cleanup for the end. For lighter leaf falls, we can also mulch your leaves which will leave useful nutrients for your lawn, and we’ll haul away bigger leaf falls so you don’t have to. In British Columbia, our Jim’s team will do a thorough job to make sure your needs are met, whether you’re looking for perfection or just need it done. 

Wind/Storm Damage 

In British Columbia, sometimes those fall storms can bring damaging winds or worse. Sometimes those storms can bring down massive branches or other debris from the trees above. Don’t fret. Just call us at Jim’s Mowing British Columbia and we can come by and haul away any of the debris caused by storms. We even offer this service in the winter months, so keep us in mind for any of these unfortunate events. 

 Cleaning up your yard can be a time consuming task, and in British Columbia as the months get colder, spending lots of time outside might be the last thing on your to-do list. Well it doesn’t have to be! Call us at Jim’s Mowing British Columbia to schedule your free quote for a fall cleanup and we can take care of the work for you and give you a peace of mind and a beautiful yard.