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When to aerate? 

So now that we know what an aeration does and why you should do it, you’re probably wondering when you should do it. Well this depends on what climate you’re in, but here in British Columbia with our cooler climates, the best time would be early spring after the growing season has picked up or early fall, before the grass has stopped growing. For warmer climates outside of British Columbia, you’ll probably be looking at late spring/early summer. The most important thing here is that it must be during the growing season so that your lawn grows fast enough to heal itself.  

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Caring for your lawn can be time consuming and overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Jim’s Mowing franchisees across British Columbia are eager to help you achieve the best lawn possible. When spring comes and the grass starts growing, you can count on Jim’s Mowing to provide you a professional aeration, or for any other gardening or lawn care services.