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“I got the number of this company from a trailer on the way to work. I called with low expectations as we rarely have had any luck with landscapers/ yard maintenance people in the past. Finding Dave at Jim’s Mowing has been amazing. Fast service, accurate detailed quotes and a great guy to deal with. Good price, good reliable service from a nice guy. Highly recommend this company!”

“We have used Jim’s mowing for several years now. Stu, Connor and Gareth all provide outstanding service and very fair prices. This year besides cutting the grass and general care of our lawns they also helped us with some landscaping. Our gardens now look spectacular thanks to Jim’s Mowing fine work.”

“I have been using Jim’s Mowing for many years and have always been extremely happy with their service. Today my roommates and I were absolutely blown away by the AMAZING job Daniel & Brooklyn did clearing away a spectacular amount leaves from the flower beds, lawn and curb. Perfection! We highly recommend Peter and his Team.”

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Gutter Cleaning in Sechelt! 

Fall is here and the leaves are coming down in bunches. Here in Sechelt, this means that your gutters aren’t safe for long. Build up of debris from wind and rain can cause water to pool in your gutters. This can lead to roof or interior damage, mould, flood damage, and even structural damage in the worst of cases.

Why does this happen? Why you need a gutter cleaning service?

Well your gutters are designed to help direct the flow of water away from your house. The persistent Sechelt rains run off the roof into the gutter, down the spout and out onto the lawn in an area that will runoff away from the foundation of your home. If you don’t do annual gutter cleaning, all sorts of debris can build up in these gutters. Leaves, pine needles, acorns, and much more can start to clog your gutters, and there’s no shortage of falling debris here in Sechelt. Not only can the gutters get clogged, but the spouts can get damaged, leaving the run off water pooling at your foundation instead of being directed away. Don’t risk structural damage by forgetting to do your gutter cleaning.

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Doing gutter cleaning by yourself? 

If you choose to do it yourself, you’ll need to really keep safety as a priority. Many accidents occur from gutter cleaning in Sechelt every year because of ladder work. Whether ladders aren’t properly set up, or perhaps a harness is needed for those second storey gutters, any time you are doing work higher than 6 feet off of the ground you are putting yourself at great risk. Although we encourage our community to be active and try the work themselves, we also strongly encourage you to trust the professionals to do any work at height, especially gutter cleaning.

If you have training with ladders, you can try your own gutter cleaning. There are several methods you can use that we use in Sechelt, and it all depends on your comfortability, equipment, and bucket. You’ll of course need a ladder tall enough to reach your gutters, but aside from that, the most basic things you will need are some heavy duty gloves, a garden trowel or gutter scooper, and a bucket. To clean it by hand, you’ll want to slowly use the trowel to slowly scoop out the debris and dump it into your bucket. When you’ve scooped out as much as you can, you’ll want to go to the furthest point away from the downspout with a hose and wash away whatever lingering debris you can.

In Sechelt, some other methods we use for gutter cleaning include using a leaf blower, a wet/shop vacuum, and power washer or garden hose. If you have the right tools for these methods, you can go ahead and try them. However, the risk from these methods is much higher than by hand. To use the blower, you might find yourself hanging onto the ladder while operating this power tool, or perhaps you need to get fully onto the roof to set up the shop vacuum. While these methods are quicker and more effective than hand cleaning, these methods are also far more dangerous.

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Consider a professional! 

Of all the maintenance tasks that should surely make your list, gutter cleaning is important, especially here in Sechelt where the organic debris is constantly falling from our plentiful trees. The structural damage to both your roof and foundation that can be caused by clogged drains and broken gutters is far too great a risk to leave this task by the side. Yet gutter cleaning is a daunting task to do by yourself. Even the first floor gutter is high enough off of the ground for there to be a safety risk. Using power equipment may speed the entire process up, but it also increases the risk, but hand cleaning your gutters could take days if you’re inexperienced. Because of this, we would highly recommend looking into professional service providers in Sechelt.

  • Jim's Mowing gutter cleaning
  • Jim's Mowing gutter cleaning

Our Jim’s family here in Sechelt will ensure that your gutters are cleaned and ready to protect your home from the structural damage water can cause. Our professionals are trained with the collective knowledge of over 50 franchisees across Sechelt. We can determine the best method, whether by hand, the leaf blower, wet vacuum or pressure washer, and we will know how to do it safely so that no accidents happen at your home. When we do a gutter cleaning, we do the job right so that you can enjoy more free time and a healthy home!

“Patrick and his team are great! Response times are very quick, pricing is reasonable and they are efficient and tidy. Very pleased with their service.”

“Jim’s shows up on a regular basis throughout the lawn-growing season. They are always prompt, quick, efficient and friendly. All for a reasonable price too. My nephew said he’ll cut my lawn for free. I said No thanks! I use Jim’s Mowing because they’re the best!”

“Amazing service! I’ve tried 3 others in town and by FAR this was the best. VERY responsive and friend and professional. Came did the job and sent invoice..quick easy contactless payment. Great business to work with. Highly recommend!”

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