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“I got the number of this company from a trailer on the way to work. I called with low expectations as we rarely have had any luck with landscapers/ yard maintenance people in the past. Finding Dave at Jim’s Mowing has been amazing. Fast service, accurate detailed quotes and a great guy to deal with. Good price, good reliable service from a nice guy. Highly recommend this company!”

“We have used Jim’s mowing for several years now. Stu, Connor and Gareth all provide outstanding service and very fair prices. This year besides cutting the grass and general care of our lawns they also helped us with some landscaping. Our gardens now look spectacular thanks to Jim’s Mowing fine work.”

“I have been using Jim’s Mowing for many years and have always been extremely happy with their service. Today my roommates and I were absolutely blown away by the AMAZING job Daniel & Brooklyn did clearing away a spectacular amount leaves from the flower beds, lawn and curb. Perfection! We highly recommend Peter and his Team.”

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Not All Mows are Created Equal 

When you call Jim’s Mowing Pitt Meadows, you might be calling to have your lawn cut, or as we like to call it, a “mow reg” (for regular mowing service). That being said, our “mow regs” are anything but regular. Having your lawn cut may seem straight forward, and you could think that a mow should be consistent across most companies, but not all mows are created equal. With Jim’s Mowing here in Pitt Meadows, it is in the details that we distinguish ourselves.  

But why should you mow your lawn on a regular basis in the first place in Pitt Meadows? 

 One of the most obvious reasons is aesthetics. In Pitt Meadows we take a lot of pride in our lawns! Who doesn’t want to look outside their window at a beautiful, evenly cut lawn with freshly laid stripes, clean edges, and a clear driveway? Mowing your lawn regularly keeps your property looking clean, tidy, and well-maintained and welcoming. Without regular maintenance, your grass can become uneven and inconsistent. Some areas might grow stronger and faster while others become thin and sparse, and this disparity will only worsen the longer you leave your grass without proper care. Here in Pitt Meadows, not mowing your lawn regularly will also leave it susceptible to diseases and pests. 

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In addition to this, if you let your lawn grow too long, it will take more time, cost more, and possibly require multiple visits before you can achieve a professional looking cut. In Pitt Meadows, leaving your lawn uncut for longer than a week or ten days will usually lead to too much growth, especially in the Spring and early summer. Thick, heavy grass puts more strain on the mower which causes it to cut unevenly and miss patches. The grass can also become so heavy that it holds itself down below the blades, making it impossible for the mower to cut it.  

Going over your lawn twice won’t save the look of an uneven lawn unless your mower is in the hands of a real pro, it usually takes multiple visits to get your lawn looking well maintained again. And here in Pitt Meadows, the grass grows FAST!!! 

Aside from the peace of mind that the look of a well maintained lawn can bring, regular mowing significantly benefits the health of the lawn. Here in Pitt Meadows, this is especially true because of the long growing season. Not only does an uneven lawn look bad, but it is a reflection of your lawns health. Regular mowing and an evenly cut lawn helps to bring balanced distribution of sunlight, water, and nutrients to your grass which promotes equal and healthy growth across your lawn. In Pitt Meadows, regular mowing maintenance can also help clear unwanted debris that has fallen onto your lawn, such as dead plant matter or leaves, and it can even provide a source of nutrients through the mulch that gets left from the mower, even when using a bag. Not only does it look and feel better to mow your lawn regularly, but it will strengthen, balance, and improve your lawns overall health to keep it looking great! 

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So what is different about a Jim’s “Mow Reg” Lawn Mowing service in Pitt Meadows? 

When you think about having your lawn cut, you probably imagine a person pushing a mower. However, there’s much more to delivering a professional cut then just mowing the lawn. At Jim’s Mowing in Pitt Meadows, we will line trim all of your lawns edges for a sharp look, deliver a quality mow with beautifully laid stripes, and blow-through all hard surfaces on your property to clear debris, including patios, driveways, decks, and even your decorative rocks across the yard. 

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Want to take your lawn’s aesthetic to the next step? Ask your Jim about adding the edging tool to your service to really get perfect, sharp edges. Tired of seeing weeds sprout up through the cracks in your driveway? Your Jim can keep that maintained too! With Jim’s Mowing Pitt Meadows, we are professionals who want to work with you to help you create a beautiful, healthy, and happy dream lawn!  

“Patrick and his team are great! Response times are very quick, pricing is reasonable and they are efficient and tidy. Very pleased with their service.”

“Jim’s shows up on a regular basis throughout the lawn-growing season. They are always prompt, quick, efficient and friendly. All for a reasonable price too. My nephew said he’ll cut my lawn for free. I said No thanks! I use Jim’s Mowing because they’re the best!”

“Amazing service! I’ve tried 3 others in town and by FAR this was the best. VERY responsive and friend and professional. Came did the job and sent invoice..quick easy contactless payment. Great business to work with. Highly recommend!”

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