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“I got the number of this company from a trailer on the way to work. I called with low expectations as we rarely have had any luck with landscapers/ yard maintenance people in the past. Finding Dave at Jim’s Mowing has been amazing. Fast service, accurate detailed quotes and a great guy to deal with. Good price, good reliable service from a nice guy. Highly recommend this company!”

“We have used Jim’s mowing for several years now. Stu, Connor and Gareth all provide outstanding service and very fair prices. This year besides cutting the grass and general care of our lawns they also helped us with some landscaping. Our gardens now look spectacular thanks to Jim’s Mowing fine work.”

“I have been using Jim’s Mowing for many years and have always been extremely happy with their service. Today my roommates and I were absolutely blown away by the AMAZING job Daniel & Brooklyn did clearing away a spectacular amount leaves from the flower beds, lawn and curb. Perfection! We highly recommend Peter and his Team.”

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The Power of Power Washing 

Power washing, or pressure washing, is something that we would recommend doing for your home at least once a year in Tsawwassen. Without frequent pressure washing, the buildup of dirt, dust or grime can become too much for a single pressure wash, or to clean at all. So to prevent non-removable grime, you should make this a part of your home care checklist. 

Why should I power wash in Tsawwassen? 

Here in Tsawwassen, most obvious reason to get your home power washed is aesthetics. Your home is designed to shoulder all the wear and tear of the elements, from the pollution of cars driving by, to the acidic rains, to sun, wind, dirt, and more. Your house’s exterior is the first line of defense, but this means that it also receives the most buildup of dirt, mold, grime, and other nasty bacteria that damage and discolour your home, and with such heavy rains in Tsawwassen, buildup can get bad quickly. What was once a nice white finish on your home can now look green and washed out, but only because layers of dirt and grime hide the original coating. A power wash is the quickest and most cost efficient way to remove most of the built up grime. Your walkways and driveway can also have thick layers of grime and dirt built up. Even one professional power wash should instantly improve the curb-appeal of your home, brightening up walkways and bringing colour back to your home. 

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Does your family struggle with allergy season? A well timed pressure in Tsawwassen wash can help. Mites, dust, mold, and pollen can spread around your property through the wind and air. If you perform a power wash around peak pollen production, you can potentially wash away excess pollen and dust, which should help with your allergies. 

Here in Tsawwassen, power washing can also prevent long term damage. Buildup of mold and grime in certain areas can compromise the materials underneath, causing structural stress that might eventually turn into far costlier problems. Regular power washing as part of your home maintenance will not only help you keep an eye on these problem areas, but also prevent harsh build up that leads to problems. Additionally, long term mold and grime will eventually ruin the paint finish on your house. The cost to have your house repainted is greater than the cost of an annual or semi-annual power wash. The longer you leave the grime built up, the more likely it is that you’ll have to get an entirely new paint job, especially here in Tsawwassen. Eliminate this by adding pressure washing into your home care routine because in the long run, maintaining problem areas by cleaning them regularly will save you money and protect your investment. Besides, pressure washing is a good primer for the paint as it blasts away any dust or dirt clinging to the surface, so chances are you will have to pay for this anyway if you decide to go the repainting route. 

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Perhaps the most important reason, you should pressure wash your home to increase your property value which is very important here in Tsawwassen. Owning a home is a significant investment, one that you’ll want to do your best to protect. Whether you plan on making it your forever home, or it’s a temporary living situation, it’s important to do your best to maintain the value of your home. If you have never had your home pressure washed, you’ll surely be impressed with the results off of just one pass. There’s entire YouTube careers that have started from pressure washing videos because of the results. Here in Tsawwassen, your home is almost guaranteed to instantly look newer, better, and fresher than before, especially if you haven’t pressure washed before. 

  • Jim's Mowing power washing services
  • Jim's Mowing power washing services

Here at Jim’s Mowing Tsawwassen, we will power wash any areas you ask us to. We can power wash your home from top to bottom, focus purely on your walkways or driveways, or even just pressure wash a singular problem wall or walkway. We have the tools and the know-how to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to spend time learning on your own. Contact your local Jim’s Franchisee in Tsawwassen and we’ll come out, take a look and give you a free quote on power washing services. 

“Patrick and his team are great! Response times are very quick, pricing is reasonable and they are efficient and tidy. Very pleased with their service.”

“Jim’s shows up on a regular basis throughout the lawn-growing season. They are always prompt, quick, efficient and friendly. All for a reasonable price too. My nephew said he’ll cut my lawn for free. I said No thanks! I use Jim’s Mowing because they’re the best!”

“Amazing service! I’ve tried 3 others in town and by FAR this was the best. VERY responsive and friend and professional. Came did the job and sent invoice..quick easy contactless payment. Great business to work with. Highly recommend!”

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