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General Rubbish in Junk Removal

General rubbish includes every form of junk you want to remove that isn’t organic. This includes tires, beds, washing machines or other metal appliances, concrete, garbage, or whatever else you need disposed. 

Green Waste in Junk Removal

Green waste or green rubbish is organic waste, such as dead branches or trees from a powerful storm. Perhaps you’ve done the hedge trimming yourself this year, or you pruned your big tree but you can’t fit all of the trimmings into your green bin. Call us here at Jim’s Mowing in British Columbia and we can remove those extra clippings for you.  

Here in British Columbia, every local Jim is equipped with a top of the line trailer designed to cut down on hauling fees. The lightweight design helps cut down on fuel costs which not only reduces prices, it reduces our carbon footprint too. Our Jims will make sure to dispose of the materials appropriately at the right transfer stations so that your junk or green waste will be recycled and reused when it can be, or disposed of the right way if not.   

Don’t let your junk be an eyesore on your property any longer. Here in British Columbia, we have plenty of Jim’s Mowing Franchises that are ready to serve you. Let us help you get rid of your junk, green waste or general rubbish so that you have more free space and more free time to enjoy it.