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Snow Removal and Ice Control Services in Maple Ridge

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Snow Removal and Ice Control in Maple Ridge! 

Here in Maple Ridge, you can expect snow to fall at some point during the winter. Some areas are worse than others and receive multiple snowfalls, like more mountainous areas. Some years can have particularly heavy snowfalls too. You might even find that one day as you open your door to leave for work, there’s too much snow on your walkway and your car has been snowed in.   

Snow and ice is not only a nuisance to your daily commute in Maple Ridge, but it is also very dangerous. If you have any elders on your property, hidden ice patches and deep snow can cause serious accidents you want to avoid. Even for yourself and your children, you can slip and easily injure yourself if you don’t stay on top of your snow removal and ice control. 

Here in Maple Ridge where we can get weeks of snowfall, keeping up with snow removal and ice control can prove to be impossible with a modern schedule. The danger with falling behind is the buildup of ice. If you are consistent and quick with snow removal, the snow doesn’t have a chance to go through a process of melting and freezing, which causes ice. The longer you wait, the more ice you’ll have to deal with. 

Yet in Maple Ridge, even staying on top of snow removal is not enough to beat the ice. With our climate’s cycle of snow and rain, ice control is unavoidable which means you’ll be looking for some type of salt or ice melt products. Here in Maple Ridge, we know that our environmental impact is important. Choosing an ice melt product and knowing how much to apply matters so if you’re unsure, call your local Jim to get advice or help. 

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Do Snow Removal by yourself? 

If you choose to do your own snow removal and ice control, you’ll probably need to get some form of road salt or ice melt product. For snow removal, you’ll want either a standard snow shovel or a snow blower if your driveway is particularly long. In Maple Ridge, lots of driveways happen to be on slopes, hills or mountainous areas. In these cases, a good snow blower is a smart investment, but our Jim’s family comes equipped with the right equipment to do the job for you if that pesky slope is too daunting. 

For ice control, you’ll want to find a salt or ice melt product. All ice melt products, whether the base is sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, or calcium chloride, are types of salts which can cause damage. Certain salts can be harmful to pets and hurt their paws, some salts can kill the roots of your plants, and some salts can sink into the pavement causing it to crack or decay. When the snow and ice melts, salt water runoff gets into our water supply and can increase the salt levels in our local rivers and bodies of water.

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In Maple Ridge, our salmon population is notably affected by salt water runoff. While many ice melt products will advertise being safe for pets or the environment, it’s important to note that these claims aren’t always true and a pet safe ice melt can still cause your pets paws to hurt, or the ice melt might only be environmentally safe for a short period of time. This is why other safety measures for your pets, like a cleaning station at the door, and using the right amount of salt is important when doing ice control.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when applying your own ice melt product is that you should only use what you need. Too commonly, here in Maple Ridge, do we see residents and businesses laying down a thick layer of salt. Your walkways should not feel like you are walking over a rock bed by the time you are done with it, nor should the salt completely cover your walkway. A thin, light layer to start, followed by another application later will give you the best ice control results if you’re doing it by yourself. Let the salt do its job before over-applying. You can always apply more if need be, but applying too much will cause damage.  

  • Jim's Mowing snow removal services
  • Jim's Mowing snow removal services

Not enough time to remove the snow in Maple Ridge? 

Snow removal can take up a lot of time, especially during those heavy, week long snow falls. Most municipalities will give out fines to home and business owners who do not keep on top of snow removal and ice control. Here in Maple Ridge, we have active franchises throughout the winter who are ready to help you get your snow removal and ice control dealt with before it becomes a problem. Our Jim’s family is versatile and can help with all sizes of pathways and walkways. With our collective expertise, we know how to deliver efficient snow removal and expert ice melt application to ensure that your paths are consistently safe, clear, and ready for you to start your day without fear of ending up on your bottom. If you prefer the warmth of your home after a busy work day, then kick your feet up, grab your phone, and let our Jim’s Mowing family here in Maple Ridge keep you cozied up inside.  

“Patrick and his team are great! Response times are very quick, pricing is reasonable and they are efficient and tidy. Very pleased with their service.”

“Jim’s shows up on a regular basis throughout the lawn-growing season. They are always prompt, quick, efficient and friendly. All for a reasonable price too. My nephew said he’ll cut my lawn for free. I said No thanks! I use Jim’s Mowing because they’re the best!”

“Amazing service! I’ve tried 3 others in town and by FAR this was the best. VERY responsive and friend and professional. Came did the job and sent invoice..quick easy contactless payment. Great business to work with. Highly recommend!”

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